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How to remove Paris Dipping Powder Nails easy, quickly

Removing Paris Dipping Powder is hard?

Paris Dipping Powder is the best choice of nail salons and consumer. Because, it is so easy to apply and remove. And it doesn’s take too much time to remove.

Products are used to remove dipping powder:

  • Acetone
  • Cotton balls
  • Aluminum Foil
  • File/e-file/buffer

Follow These Steps for Remove Paris Dipping Powder

Step 1: Buff the entire surface of the nail

Use a file or an e-file/buffer to take off the top layer of each nail. This will make the removal dipping powder
more efficiently


  • File/buff each nail thoroughly and evenly

Step 2: Soak a cotton ball acetone

Soak cotton balls in acetone. Then, place the cotton ball on the nail and wrap it in a foil sheet and wait in 5 minutes


  • Make sure the foil completely covers the nail and hold the cotton ball in place
  • Don’t move the foil or cotton ball too much before time passes

Step 3: Take off the foil

Take off the foil from nails. When take off, press press down slightly on each nail so that the cotton ball can wipe off the powder

Step 4: Remove excess color and wipe of the excess

Use file or e-file to remove excess color and wipe of the excess

Note when remove dipping powder

  • Before performing any service make sure your cilents hands, as well as your own are properly sanitized
  • Before soak acetone, you never pull,peel off or use a tool to scrape the acrylic. Because, this action can break or damage your natural nails

Watch the video tutorial below to remove Paris Dipping Powder nails

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